Friday, July 27, 2012

Attention Discount Store Owners! Top 3 Reasons Why Merchandising Efforts Fail

Mistake #1: Failing To Make Your Customers Rise to the Bait

Do you know what makes customers walk right past your discount store without even taking a look? Well, merchandising literally starts from the street outside the store. From attention-grabbing window messages to an inviting storefront, smart discount store managers are full of innovative ideas to attract customers into their stores. 

One of the biggest mistake store managers make is failing to effectively use their store windows for communication. In most cases, an attractive and well-presented window message about the store`s special promotions or discount offers is just enough to catch the eye of that shopper walking by. 

Tip:  Putting low priced products somewhere around the checkout counter is great for encouraging that impulse purchase.

Mistake #2: Failing To Keep the Shoppers' Interest

Even if a clean and attractive storefront draws the customers into the store, getting them to keep exploring the merchandise is not that simple. Most discount store managers ignore the importance of offering a pleasant and comfortable shopping experience. A wise strategy is taking small steps like ensuring satisfactory temperature and adequate lighting while offering a friendly atmosphere.

Another very important area to consider is the organization of your store. Yes, your merchandise needs to be organized by category as this makes the whole process of searching for a particular item hassle-free. Similarly, putting items that are similar or somehow relevant close to each other is an up-sell trick. You may also consider offering shopping carts to help them easily carry their stuff.  Making the shopping experience more convenient for customers not only helps in guiding them through the store but also encourages them to buy more.

Remember, if customers leave your discount store with a negative experience, your merchandising efforts will most likely go in vain.

Mistake #3: Not Walking In the Customers' Shoes

Have you ever tried walking in your customers` shoes?  If not, you`re committing a merchandising sin. By looking at things from the customers’ perspective, you can make certain changes to your discount store that can improve customer experience. For example, by clearing the aisles, you`ll allow your customers to have a quick, hassle-free shopping experience since blocked aisles do nothing more than stopping customers from buying more.  Another effective merchandising strategy is having the pricing stickers in the same area for all products, which will not only create consistency but it will also add to the customers` convenience.

Tip:  Never dump small items into containers. Investing in retail displays for small merchandise is always a good idea.

Lastly, remember that by avoiding these merchandising pitfalls, you won`t merely succeed in attracting more customers but you’ll also instill a motivation into their minds to come back for more.


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