Monday, December 3, 2012

Effective Social Networking for the Success of a Business

The role of social networking for the success of a business is very important. An ineffective or deficient social networking of your company will not help you to gain new customers, and you may also lose your existing customers as they are not being regularly contacted. Your employees must be properly trained for effective use of social networking so that the customers can be contacted on a regular basis. The effective use of the social networking will enhance your sales and your business will achieve more profits. 

Listed below are some useful tips for the effective use of social networking: 

     Provide training for your employees either yourself or by a professional expert, on the main operating procedures being used by your company for social networking. The training medium can be a PowerPoint presentation or a webinar, and it must provide knowledge of basic things for example the way to log in, creation of updates, and the process of contacting the customers on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. and Foursquare which is a mobile network. The training program should also include the method of responding to customer’s queries; and the ways to increase the number of online followers on the social media websites. ·     

You should try to register the business on more social networking websites besides the common sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Your employees should also be well trained to use these new sites in a manner that maximum benefit for the business can be gained. Similarly get registered on mobile networks like Foursquare, Yelp, etc. and explain the correct use to the employees. ·      

Another way to enhance the business is through the creation of your business profile on websites such as You tube or Flickr. These sites can be used for posting photos, videos, and information about the business in general, and about products and services being offered by your company. ·     

Plan and advertise incentives in the form of discounts or free coupons, for all the customers who contact your business through the social networking websites. ·        Encourage your employees to work harder by appreciating their efforts, ask them to give suggestions and new ideas for tempting more customers to your business. Offer prizes and bonuses for good suggestions.


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