Saturday, December 1, 2012

Good qualities of a Supervisor

A supervisor, who exhibits good qualities, is able to get better outputs from his employees. Such supervisors create a friendly and comfortable working atmosphere resulting in enhanced work of the employees.

Supervisors who Develop Good Relations with their Employees

Some supervisors develop good inter-personal relations with their employees by communicating and encouraging them. In this way they learn about the strengths and shortcomings of workers, the problems being faced at work, and the input and suggestions of employees for a congenial working atmosphere. Such behavior builds a strong bond between the supervisor and the employees leading to a positive response from the employees in the form of increased and good quality work.

Supervisors who Demonstrate Flexibility

The businesses and the organizations are continuously undergoing growth and improvement which means that there is a constant process of change. For the success of a business or organization it is imperative that as they undergo changes their employees must also change accordingly and at the same time continue to produce good quality of work. This is only possible when the supervisors leading the teams of employees demonstrate flexibility and help and guide their workers in a manner that the output and quality of work is not disturbed despite the ongoing changes. The supervisors who are flexible are able to handle any kind of problem with a befitting response.

Supervisors who are Ethical and Humble

Supervisors who are trusted by the employees are able to get good results from them. The trust of the employees can only be gained by acting ethically and humbly which means that the supervisors should be forthwith, transparent, and honest in their dealings; should recognize their mistakes and are able to offer apologies for them. If the supervisors are not trusted and respected by the employees, they will fail to provide guidance in difficult situations. The employees may refuse to follow their directions which may result in deficient or poor quality of work.

Supervisors who Know their Job

For a good supervisor the personal character qualities are very important but in order to encourage and provide guidance to the employees appropriate knowledge and know-how of the job is also necessary. The supervisors must be professionally sound and experts of their fields. They must improve their knowledge of the technological advances and should be able to implement them in the workplace so that their employees produce good quality work.

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