Friday, November 30, 2012

The Search for a Wholesale Distributor – Part II

This the second part of the article.
Some of the tips for finding a wholesale distributor were discussed in the first segment of this article. A few more useful tips are listed below:

·        Search of wholesalers on Google

You can search for the wholesale distributors by conducting Google search using different words like wholesale, distributor, wholesale supplier, etc. Product names, brand names, or model numbers can also be used for the search. Keep a record of the emails and phone numbers of your search results along with the product prices and minimum order requirements which may help you in the selection of potential wholesale distributors for your business.

·        Search for Wholesale Lots on eBay

Some small wholesalers and retailers sell lots of products on eBay; you can buy such small lots at the start of your business. But with the progress in business you have to move elsewhere to buy large volume of products.

·        Look for Business to Business (B2B) Online Global Markets

There are many Business to Business (B2B) online global markets where you can find manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and importers of mainly Chinese products. The main marketplaces include (China), Buyer Zone (USA), Global Sources (USA), Busy Trade (Hong Kong), EC Plaza (South Korea), EC 21 (South Korea), etc.

·        Become a member of Business Groups, Business Forums and Networks

As other retailers are your competitors, they will not provide wholesale supplier information, so you should join Business Groups, Forums and other Business community Networks to make contacts and relationships. In this way you will share the required information with the Business community.

·        Visit Trade Shows and Exhibitions

At events like Trade Shows and exhibitions you are able to directly contact product manufacturers and wholesale distributors which will help you in gathering accurate and detailed information about their products.

·        Get Subscriptions of Business and Trade Periodicals

Wholesale distributors and suppliers place advertisements in Business and Trade publications in order to reach small retailers like you. If you subscribe such periodicals you will get information about the wholesalers, the range of their products, email addresses, websites, and telephone numbers.

·        Learn from Your Mistakes

When you are starting a new business you may commit some mistakes and may choose a wholesale supplier with high product prices. At an initial level buying the products and selling them at a profit are important. Once you are settled in business you can look for other wholesale distributors who offer a better deal.

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