Sunday, November 4, 2012

How can blogs help your business?

For promoting your business a blog can prove to be an effective means. With the help of a blog you can make a connection in the community to endorse your business and the various products and services being offered. The feedback you receive will help in improving your services.

Some helpful uses of a blog for the promotion of business are listed below:

Product Tutorials

Write details and how to use instructions about your products and services in the form of a blog, post it on your website and maintain good search engine interchange. It will prove to be a great help for your clients in the community and will promote your business. On the down side, your competitors may steal your ideas.

Start a question-answer section

You can allot a section of the blog for answering questions on your blog. This will allow more web traffic and your clients will get what they asked for. In due time you will have a compiled resource base about your products and services, which will be available for queries by customers in future.

Information about new product or service

The blog can be used to introduce a new product or service of your business and details about it. Your existing customers may get interested and some new clients may find the new addition useful for them.

Post stories about your good customers

Include stories of your loyal and good customers, who have been with you for a long time, on your blog. Write a little about them, their businesses, and their views about your business. It will create a personal link with your customers and they will feel that you care about them.

Include reviews and customer feedback

If a satisfied customer sends a good review, post it on your blog so that others can share it and post more reviews. Similarly the feedback you receive from your customers may identify a problem or a suggestion for improvement which can also be shared. You can post ways to correct the problem to benefit other customers.

Extend your network

Contact other bloggers and exchange information about your products and services. They can write about your products and business on their blogs and you can reciprocate on your blog; this mutual arrangement will benefit both the parties.

Offer discount coupons and contests for free giveaways

The interaction with the customers can be increased by offering discount coupons, polls for winning prizes, or some contests for free gifts, etc. Make this an occasional practice because if you continue it on a regular basis, the customers will lose interest.

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