Friday, November 23, 2012

Common Mistakes at Yard Sales

Items not Clearly Priced

If the prices of items are not clearly marked or absent altogether, it will cause confusion for the customers and they may return without buying.

Allowing Bargains for the Early Shoppers only

When you let the early shoppers to get the benefit of the bargains, those missing out will be annoyed and you may lose your customers for good.

Payment Methods

As cash is the most preferred option by the sellers, they should be able to guide the customers for the nearest ATM machine and assure the customer that the item he wanted to buy will be kept on hold for an hour or until he returns with the cash.

Old or Used Items Sold as New

The sellers should not try to sell old and used items by terming them as new items. You will lose your customers as they are looking to buy cheap items. Sell the old and used items separately with low price tags.

Improper Yard Sale Preparation

While preparing for the yard sale, make sure to include only those items which are meant for sale. If an item which you do not want to sell and it is in the yard sale, then it will not make good impression when somebody tries to buy it.

Failure to Remove Signs after the Sale is over

The signs posted for the yard sale should be removed after the sale is finished. Old, faded signs present an ugly look and may confuse some persons who are interested in yard sales.

Timings of the Yard ale

Although it is better to follow the timings which you have fixed for the yard sale, but if there are still some buyers looking for items near the closing time, it is advisable to wait till they complete their purchases. Spending a little extra time will create a good impression and may be handy for your future yard sales.

Maintain a good behavior

Regardless of the fact that they bought some item or not, thank every visitor to your yard sale before he or she leaves. Your good manners may make them visit again later in the day to buy something or they may refer some friend or a family member to your yard sale.

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  1. Its mush harassing point when a seller sold the used item , definitely this condition decreases the costumers. By the way all your points are very helpful , all the yard seller should keep these things in their mind.
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