Friday, November 9, 2012

Tumblr and Your Online Business

Make it Your SEO Pal!

Because of being indexed, Tumblr is a hot social sharing hub and as such, it can serve SEO proposes for bringing heavy traffic to your website.
The Micro-blogging Phenomenon

Tumblr is an ideal spot for microblogging, meaning that posts can be shared very quickly as well as easily within the confines of social communities.
Marketing Your Business with Shorter Posts

Tumblr gives you the opportunity to use small posts for promoting your business and sharing interesting details about it with the world. It’s in fact, an ideal platform for use if you prefer using short blog posts.
 Using Tumblr as Your Research Buddy!
Another great thing about Tumblr is the fact that it serves as an awesome tool of research, where finding great content is as simple as pie. After all, browsing through the blogs in your select category is not some rocket-science.

Ever thought about Content Curation?

Content curation is yet another benefit of Tumblr. By reposting on targeted pages, you can drive more traffic to your online business website.
It’s Free Man!

As compared to WordPress, Tumblr is 100% free, which makes it a popular choice for online businesses.
Tracking Progress on Tumblr

Your Tumblr account can be connected to Google Analytics for tracking your progress, which can play an important role in enhancing your blog, SEO as well as the visibility of your brand.

Building Strong Interactive Communities

Tumblr aims at encouraging interaction just as other social networking sites do. In fact, getting responses to your posts is quite easy with Tumblr.
Tumblr is the Tonic to Strengthen Your Business Network

No doubt, Tumblr is a great way of connecting with other businesses in your niche and strengthening your social network.

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