Monday, November 12, 2012

Technological aids of an Online Business – Part II

This is the second segment of the article.
Listed below are a few more important technological tools and facilities which are an integral part of today’s online business and eCommerce.

Web-based Invoicing facility
For an online business you do not require elaborate accounting applications; instead you can utilize a web-based invoicing facility keeping your needs in mind. Such an arrangement will enable you to manage the accounts quickly and efficiently.

Remote Desktop Access

The use of technology has made it possible for the small business owners to remain in touch with their businesses while they are out of the office. There are various applications which enable you to remotely access the data on the office computer through your smartphone. You can not only look at the information but can also make any change or modification.

Screencast applications

Screen cast applications digitally record the computer screen; they help in creating a movie of the activity on the computer screen along with audio narration. Screencast applications are used to create specific tutorials, lessons, product demos, etc.
A large number of different Screencast applications are available and you can choose one which is suitable for your business requirements.

File Format Converters

During the course of conducting online business deals you may encounter some files or documents with graphics and audio/video components, which do not open. Such files need to be converted to another format by using file format converters. Many online services and soft wares are available which can convert any type of file to a desired file format.
Tools for capturing Screenshots
There are occasions when you need to take pictures of something on the computer screen in order to use them in your emails to customers, or to include in product manuals. Screenshots are basically digital images taken by the computer to capture the image being displayed on the visual output device such as a monitor or television. This image is captured by using installed software in the computer or an attached camera.
Some of the screenshot tools work with Screencast applications for the creation of product demos.

Help Desk Softwares
Help desk softwares can be utilized for the customer service and greatly help in your ability to respond to customer’s queries and needs.
Online Scheduling and Appointment Booking Softwares
Softwares of this category make your task easy by making schedules of appointments with clients, vendors, friends, etc. All the schedules are at one place and need just a glance to timely manage all your appointments.

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