Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Digital Etiquette at Workplace

The current era has noticed the advent of digital technology which has progressed with leaps and bounds. It is being used in almost every field and mankind has benefited in innumerable ways. The use of digital technology as a means of communication has enabled the businesses to contact their customers instantaneously even if they are thousands of miles away. But it has been seen that some people are misusing the applications related with digital technology. A proper workplace digital etiquette is a must and you should try to implement it in your business or organization at all costs.
Some basic suggestions for maintaining an appropriate digital etiquette at the workplace are as follows:

Emails and Instant Messages

Emails are used in many business workplaces as the basic source of communication, they are also used for digital documentation, office memos, and even as evidence in legal trials. While composing or replying an email, you should write in business-letter style and language; and never include personal or irrelevant matter in the email body. Similarly when sending an instant message, follow proper etiquette and use respectful language.

Cellular and Smartphones

In recent times the use of cellular phones and smartphones has become quite popular and many business entities are using them. Despite their popularity and ease of use, they are not helpful when you need to compose company documents and other such letters. A small keyboard in the phones is another limitation. You should use your mobile phone set for business calls only and personal use must be minimal.

 Social Media Websites

Social networking websites like Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter provide a cheap and effective advertising platform for the businesses to reach out to a large number of potential customers. During interaction with the customers you should be forthright, honest, and should greet as well as use good-bye before ending the communication. Another important point is to avoid sharing your business matters with others on the social media.

Use of Computers and Laptops

Computers or laptops at the workplace should mostly be used for business-related matters. Do not store personal photos or documents in an office computer as it may be shared by other employees or can sometimes be sent for maintenance. Avoid installing games or entertainment videos as they occupy large hard disk space and slow down the computer. 

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