Sunday, November 11, 2012

Technological Aids of an Online Business - Part I

Listed below are some important technological tools and facilities which are an integral part of today’s online business and eCommerce.

Training for an Online Business

If you are establishing a web-based small business, it is necessary for you to have proper knowledge of the business as well as the various technological aspects associated with an online store. This knowledge can only be gained through training programs and education, which may require time and monetary expenses. For a business owner with limited resources this may seem a tall order.
The solution is looking for some free business training programs which are free and are offered online. By utilizing such programs you can enhance your knowledge at your own pace and in the comfort of your home or office. These programs are an excellent source of information and cover almost all necessary aspects of an online business.  

Free software

There are many free softwares which are available online and are suitable alternatives of commercial programs required for the promotion and management of online businesses. These free softwares do not cost a penny and are capable of fulfilling the small business owner’s requirements. A well known example of such programs is, which can easily replace all the components of Microsoft Office such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, etc.

Alternatives for Land-line Telephones

Modern technology has enabled small business owners to expand the limits of their enterprises beyond the office or store premises. Now the business has become mobile and can be taken anywhere by replacing old land-line telephones with the latest alternatives such as cellular phones, Voice over Internet Protocol (Voip), etc.

Teleconference and Web conference Facilities

A very important aspect of any business is the ability to connect and interact with multiple clients, co-workers, or employees, present at different places, simultaneously. Various teleconference services are available, some of them free, which provide an important tool for the small business owners to contact multiple parties anywhere and anytime they please.
Similarly some web-conferencing features are also available which makes it possible to contact multiple persons anywhere on the globe with the touch of a button.

Tools that Track Time

Various desktop applications, web-based tools, and online services are available which can track time. Small business owners utilize them for billing their clients on an hourly basis.
This is first part of this article; some more technological aids will be described in the second segment.

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