Monday, November 26, 2012

Telephone Etiquette for Business

In this era of scientific and technological advancement the use of email and other computer related modes of communications have greatly increased, but telephone continues to be the most commonly used application for communication. Many clients, business owners, organizations, etc. still prefer to use telephone as a means of communication.
 Some important etiquette tips for using telephone as a source of communication for business are listed below:

Distinct style of business call 

When answering telephone calls, you should follow a pleasant style of communication. If you receive a call answer by greeting the caller first, introduce yourself and your business, then politely offer any help or information the caller demands, and end the conversation by thanking for the interest and the call.

 Portray a pleasant tone 

The tone of the voice is the indicator of your mood, therefore when you receive a phone call try to maintain a pleasant tone of voice which will give the caller an impression that you appreciate his call and are available to provide whatever assistance he needs. 

Focused listening to received calls 

One important aspect of appropriate telephone etiquette is to actively listen to the caller. When some client calls, stop working and answer the call with focused attention, take notes if necessary, and try to satisfy and address all the queries of the caller.

Holding a call 

Sometimes while attending a call you have to put the caller on hold. On such occasions politely tell the caller to hold while you are looking for the information he needs. If he has to hold for a long period, periodically check back with the caller and explain the reason of delay. It will assure the caller that you are trying to work out the information he needs and are not doing anything else. When you return back thank the caller for waiting and for holding patiently. 

Making outgoing telephone calls 

The importance of outgoing business calls cannot be ignored and they are equally important as the incoming calls. When you place an outgoing call try to be positive, pleasant, and professional. First of all introduce yourself and your business entity, and then explain the reason of calling. Keep your conversation brief and to the point. Thank again at the end of the conversation.


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