Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Attention e-store Sellers! Online Credibility Has a Direct Impact on Your Revenue

When it comes to managing an online business, sellers have to face a number of challenges in terms of maintaining their reputation as reliable online entrepreneurs.  At a time when online shoppers are most concerned about security and privacy issues, establishing online credibility has become even more challenging. So, is there any way to prove that your online shop is different from those shoddy websites that prevent shoppers from taking their credit cards out for online transactions? Well, here are some useful tips for online store-managers and internet entrepreneurs to establish their credibility online.  

Trust comes with professionalism

Does your website have that professional look? No doubt, the look and feel of your website is one of the most important factors in making your customers believe that your services/products are worthy of their trust. The first step toward giving your website a professional touch is contacting an experienced web designer who is skilled enough to give your website an appealing look.

Did you know that customers are least likely to browse through a website that looks unprofessional, tacky or unattractive? By using effective presentation tools including images, you can ask your web designer to design the website in a way that reflects how serious and professional the organization behind your website is. An excellent trust-building strategy is highlighting your expertise in the services/goods being offered at your store. Also, let your potential customers know that they can contact you anytime regarding product inquiries and concerns.

Support, co-operation and effective communication accompany trust

A lot of online shoppers are finicky about communication, particularly when it comes to making first-time purchases.  If you don’t offer satisfactory customer support, they’re least likely to trust you or consider your website as a reliable online spot to buy products from. The more your customers have to wait for answers to their queries or comments, the less they’re expected to take your business seriously. 

Payment method matters!
Payment method is the most important aspect of building trust and credibility as an online seller or internet entrepreneur. If your payment method isn’t verified, most customers will leave your website with negative feelings about your business while investing in none of your products.
By providing security to online shoppers with certified payment methods such as PayPal, you can develop a sense of trust and reliability in the minds of your customers.     
Tip: Most online shoppers drop the idea of online shopping because of identity theft concerns and the rising trend of online financial frauds. But by investing in an SSL certificate for your website, you can boost both the confidence of your customers as well as online sales.

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