Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Marketing Your Flea Market Merchandise

For people interested in buying and selling new and/or pre-worn goods, flea markets offer a great opportunity to generate huge profits.  But just like other businesses, product sales are directly linked with product marketing. Here are some simple yet effective ideas to market your merchandise at a flea market:

Table Formation Affects Product Display

When it comes to displaying your merchandise at a flea market, the most feasible option is using tables that are arranged in a long line at the display area’s front. A smart trick for unhindered interaction with customers is putting the tables in an inward "U" form for allowing customers to enter the display area easily while discussing product specifications with you. In short, your tables should be arranged in a manner that makes things convenient for both you and your customers.  
What about Display Cases?

Did you know that display cases can significantly enhance the appearance of your flea market booth? So, where to get these display cases from?  Well, a smart idea would be contacting a retail store that is out of business and asking if their retail displays are available for purchase. For instance, if you’re selling jewelry or small accessories, lighted displays will work best for you. In addition to adding that professional touch to your booth, display cases help in displaying more delicate or costlier products. Besides, cases give your booth a cleaner as well as a more organized feel.
A Smart Trick to Attract Shoppers...

When it comes to catching the eye of those passersby, an effective advertising strategy is setting up a T.V. at your booth and playing the advertisements of your products. Make sure that the device you’re playing your ads on is up to the eye level of customers so that the products can be easily spotted by anyone passing by. Of course, you’ll have to play ads in a low volume as you don’t want to bother other vendors. Remember, product videos or commercials can serve as powerful attention-grabbing tools for your flea market business.
Flyers Are Worth It!

If you get flyers printed for your flea market business, your customers will have the facility to decide on the particular products they’ll most likely buy while browsing through your product variety. When it comes to printing informational flyers for your business, make sure that the flyers also have your contact info and booth location.

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