Sunday, August 26, 2012

How to Improve the Productivity of Your Warehouse?

Picking Path Matters
Picking path helps in determining the flow of your warehouse. The picking initiates at one end while stops at the wrapping staging site.

Bin it to Win It!

If your merchandise is binned efficiently, the majority of picks will be finished in the first 2 percent. The top hits goods should be reevaluated on a regular basis as inventory doesn’t always remain the same.
Organization Matters!
Organize your warehouse wisely, which also means that the bulk products should be saved for the end. You may also consider separating the bulk goods from your small picks.
The Manifest Trick
Ever thought of using picking manifests? This is a great option for pulling multiple orders in a single go. You can pick large orders separately; however, 5-6 small orders can be combined in a single picking manifest while being divided in final boxing.

What about stocking levels?
You certainly can’t ignore the fact that every product has a shelf life. While restocking your goods, make sure that the goods will have to be rotated. When there’s an excessive amount of inventory available, rotating the goods becomes harder.

Considering loading manifests

All routes should preferably be in the required delivery order but you’ll have to understand that they actually come out in reverse orders as the first item being loaded is the last item being delivered. 

Ever thought about your warehouse employees?
 When it comes to efficiently running and managing a warehouse, employees serve as the backbone of day-to-day warehouse operations. But unfortunately, this group of very important people gets easily ignored, which eventually affects the productivity and efficiency of your business. By making small changes and taking small steps, you can make the environment of your warehouse more employee-friendly.  From space heaters to fans, you’ll have to consider the different factors that affect the climate of your warehouse as well as the efficiency and comfort of your employees.
Let the employees have their say
Remember, you aren’t operating your warehouse alone, which is why it is essential to get your employees involved in the warehouse matters to a certain extent. At times, you get some of the best and surprisingly productive ideas from unexpected sources. If you’re about to introduce a new law, making sure that your warehouse labors get an equal chance to have their say is really important.

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