Sunday, August 5, 2012

Ways to Get the Most Out of Yard Displays

Placing the items
When putting your merchandise on sale, you need to be careful about how the product/items should be displayed. While a lot of people prefer using their breakfast table to serve the purpose, a better idea would be investing in folding tables or making your own display tables from sawhorses as well as plywood.
Organizing your stuff
No matter how small your yard sale is, you can’t ignore the importance of “organization”. When displaying your merchandise, make sure that similar items are grouped together. This will not only make your items appear more abundant but it’ll also make things easier at the customer’s end. If customers find the desired items quickly, you’ll have increased chances of raking in more cash.
Preparing your merchandise for sale

Whether you’ve invested in pre-worm stuff or customer returned merchandise from a wholesale supplier, preparing your goods before reselling them is one of the most important factors that affect your chances of making money from the items. If your merchandise needs some cleaning or repair, make sure you get it done before display. For instance, antique wood furniture can get that extra shine with a coat of wax. No doubt, clean and refurbished items appear more appealing than old, dusty and severely defective merchandise.
Keeping an eye on everything
If you’re putting some valuable merchandise on sale such as jewelry and real silver, make sure that these items are kept close to the house or checkout area, particularly if these items are small or easily broken. Fragile merchandise is often mistreated and may be damaged, if you’re not around.
Making it easy for all
While it’s important to make the shopping experience as convenient as possible for all customers, it is equally important to keep breakables at places that can’t be spotted by children easily.
Attracting customers with desirable sale merchandise
When it comes to displaying desirable sale merchandise, an ideal display spot could be the street end of the yard or driveway. This strategy works particularly for seasonal goods and large merchandise including furniture. Besides, this will also help in grabbing the attention of those drive-by browsers.
Reselling Clothing Items
If you’re trying to make some extra cash reselling those clothes you purchased from a wholesale supplier, make sure you display your merchandise effectively. Displaying adult clothing on hangers and arranging the items by size is a good idea for making things easier for both you and potential customers.
If you place all items on a display table, customers will least likely refold them after digging through the lots. However, displaying baby clothing on tables is never a bad idea. These items can be easily folded and stacked according to their type and size.

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