Friday, August 10, 2012

Selling Stuff at Flea Markets-Tips for Beginners

Enter The Flea World!
Of course, the first step towards earning money from flea market sales is locating flea markets in your neighborhood or nearby places. There are a number of indoor and outdoor flea markets running across the US and finding one near your neighborhood shouldn’t be that difficult. Of course, having enough understanding about the specific kind of booth that would be appropriate for selling you merchandise is very important. For instance, some booths are more suitable for discount merchandise while others are more appropriate for reselling pre-worn merchandise,

Discover the Ins and Outs!
When deciding to sell your merchandise at a flea market, it is essential to get useful info about how the market works, why it would be a good choice for your particular type of merchandise and what are the right timings or seasons to enter the market. Most flea markets are open during the weekend while some run on a regular basis. The more you know about the way flea markets work, the easier it’ll become to plan and organize your selling experience at flea markets.
Cost Matters
Yes, you need to know about the costs associated with selling merchandise at flea markets. In most cases, the charges range from $10-20 bucks a day. But, there are others that charge even more. Remember, the cost of selling merchandise at a flea market depends on the amount of traffic and sales the particular market is able to bring in.
Typically, reserving your space is necessary before you can start selling your stuff at a flea market. At times, reservations are made in advance. There’s also the option of permanent vendor spots where sellers doing the business for a day or two get placed right before the event starts.

Stuff to Sell
What stuff should I sell at a flea market? Now, this is one of the most common yet highly confusing questions. You may consider selling garage sale type products or even enter the field with your collection of homemade crafts. While the choice of the products to sell varies from individual to individual, it is important to keep the nature of the market in mind before deciding on the type of merchandise you’re going to sell.

According to experts, the real secret of making money from flea market sales lies in displaying eye-catching and fascinating merchandise at highly affordable rates. A good strategy would be investing in both new and pre-worm items so that you can get an idea of the demands of the particular market.  
Where to Get Your Stuff From…
If you’re just new to the flea market business, then a great source to purchase new and used products at affordable rates is getting stuff from a reliable whole supplier. You can buy new overstock, customer-returned products and shelf-pulls in bulk. Wholesale suppliers offer a variety of items at discounted rates for interested retailers, e-Bay sellers and flea market vendors.

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