Sunday, September 9, 2012

Building a Direct Mail List for Your Business

When it comes to promoting your business, having a direct mail list can prove to be highly beneficial.  Now, a lot of people are confused whether they should consider renting one or creating their very own direct mail list. And honestly speaking, the option of renting isn’t only more expensive but it also comes with the condition that you can use this list just once. On the other hand, a list that you’ve created can be used as many times as you want. In addition to making additions and adjustments, you also enjoy the benefit of monitoring your list for keeping track of your success in reaching the target clients. It is important to note that creating your own direct mail list isn’t some rocket science that you can’t do on your own. In fact, it’s a straight-forward job as long as you understand the many ways different resources can be used to achieve your goal.

It Could Just Be Somewhere Inside!

Have you taken a look at the possible internal resources that you may have?  Whether you’re selling wholesale products or discounted liquidation merchandise, you can always make your past experience in the business work in your favour. Irrespective of how many days you’ve been in business, you most probably have some addresses on file. Now, your responsibility is compiling these addresses from client records, past correspondence with clients ( and this also includes any customer complaints), warranty records regarding, sales prospects gathered in the past as well as the contact details of former customers.
Test Your Luck and Look Around
Sometimes, you have to seek the help of external sources for gathering addresses. For example, visiting the websites of your clients, using trade and association directories, ploughing through those chamber of commerce directories, and reading through newspaper stories to discover potential clients within your community. Remember, you have to be an active and keen observer who is always ready for jotting down any address or contact info that can be used for reaching target customers.
The Magic Trick!
Did you know that a lot of businesses hold drawings for building their direct mail list? From contests offering monthly prize to discount offers, there are ways you can encourage more people to share their contact info. You can even request visitors to drop their business cards that can be effectively used for adding to your mailing list. Whether you’re managing your business offline or online, make sure your visitors know about the contest or drawing you’re holding so that they willingly share their details.

Stay Up-to-Date

Yes, your mail mailing list needs constant updates. You should expect some people to request getting their info removed from your list while others may want to get added to the list. The more directories you access or the more business cards you receive, the more frequent updates are made to your mailing list.

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