Friday, September 28, 2012

Seller Ratings and Your eBay Sales!

If you’re thinking to become an eBay vendor, you certainly can’t ignore the power of seller ratings. No doubt, detailed seller ratings have a direct impact on your e-Bay reputation as well as your best match rankings. The moment your rating goes any below than 4.2, be prepared to experience a drastic decrease in your bidding as well as buying numbers. This explains perfectly why you should be fully aware of ways to avoid having negative seller ratings. And the most ideal way of making sure of that is offering exceptional customer service in a number of areas.
Back your listings with powerful descriptions

When selling a product on eBay, make sure that you offer comprehensive product info along with at least one attractive photo to display the product. Take your time and work on product conditions, the features of your goods, their limitations as well as the terms pertaining to the sale. Remember, the time and effort spent in this area really pays off.
Respond to customer queries
At times, it may appear challenging to address the concerns, queries and doubts of potential customers. But, the fact of the matter is that most buyers will want that information or extra support from you. By responding to email inquiries or answering phone calls, you can significantly improve your detailed seller ratings.
Ensure Timely Shipments
Shipping your products on time is extremely important in terms of getting positive seller ratings.  Timely shipments aren’t just about shipping your goods on the same day they’re ordered but it’s more about letting the customers know about the expected delivery date beforehand. Don’t make shipment promises that you can’t keep. Keep it quick and realistic while making sure that your shipping schedule is mentioned in the listing. This will help the customer get an idea of how soon and/or exactly when they’ll receive the ordered goods.
Don’t overcharge your customers
If you’re selling products with heavy shipment duty, you’re already violating eBay rules.  And by doing that on a frequent basis, you’re actually ruining your seller ratings. Besides, most eBay customers don't prefer buying products that accompany huge shipping costs.
At the end of the day, detailed seller ratings are an important element of your product listings and if you’ve positive ratings, you’ll boost your chances of making more sales.  

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