Friday, September 28, 2012

Ready to Advertise Your Wholesale Business?

What Is Advertising?

The public promotion of a certain product, business or service for the purpose of arousing or increasing interest in its value is referred to as advertising. Basically, advertising is one of the most important components of a marketing procedure, which revolves around strategy-development on key areas such as frequency, ad placement, etc.  In most cases, advertising is regarded as the heaviest expense associated with a marketing plan.

Advertising vs. Marketing

It’s common for a lot of people to confuse advertising with marketing, which is understandable because of the nature of the two concepts and the many ways they sound similar. But in real, marketing is more like a tool box with essential tools such as advertising, media planning, PR, pricing and distribution, market research, customer care, sales tactics etc. Together, these tools help meet a business its marketing goals whereas independently, these tools work to build, promote, grow and expand a business.

Advertising Rules to Abide By

A Single Message Says It Loud and Clear!

In almost all the cases, you need to convey a single message to get the desired level of response.

Credibility is as Important as Advertising Itself

A lot of people don’t just have the faith in those advertisement claims. And this is why; you need to consider the credibility factor when setting any sort of advertising goals. Your advertisements should clearly state what your product or service is really capable of.

Trial and Error

When it comes to testing your goods, make sure you check one product at a time as well as one medium. A good way of testing your goods is asking first-time customers or friends for feedback and comments.
Are You Reachable Enough?

From brochures to emails, your advertising literature needs to have a clear mention of your contact info such as your site location, website link, email id, phone number etc.  

Target Market: Hit the Bull’s Eye!

Your advertising materials should match the target audience. An effective business advertising strategy is only addressing a single target market. Advertisements should directly hit the target’s interests while emphasizing the message of your product/service.

Cultivating the Seed of Curiosity

Your advertising pieces should be powerful enough to generate interest while making the customers demand additional information from you. In most cases, an effective message or the use of ineffective mediums for promoting the message tend to be the cause of a poor response. Plan your ads in a way that makes your potential customers become curious to learn more.

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