Friday, September 14, 2012

Ready to Handle Objections in Business?

It is common for businesses to get complaints and objections, often from unexpected sources, but the key to taking your business to the next level is facing these objections and devising an effective strategy to make these objections work in your favor. What many businesses fail to realize is the fact that objections show that your customers want to invest in your products. It’s just a couple of concerns that they want you to address before they make a purchase.
Whether you’re an online business owner or a flea market vendor, here’s a 5 Step Strategy to dealing with customer objections:

Let Them Have Their Say and Be Calm
Let your potential clients or customers have the chance to object. Listen to them with patience and respect their opinion. Some people behave in a certain way just because they’ve had bad experiences in the past while dealing with businesses like yours. And to make people realize that you’re different from all those “who-cares” businesses, you’ll have to give your customers the freedom to speak their mind and share their concerns.
And now, Your Response...
Once you’ve quietly and patiently listened to the objection, show some thoughtful expressions on your face and then repeat a few sentences that the person has mentioned during the conversation. You could try something like, “I totally understand your concerns about product quality but ...” This will not only give the impression that you’ve been listening to the person all this time but it’ll also help clarify things about your product or services.

What about Reasoning?
At times, objections don’t directly deal with the prospect’s actual concerns. They might pick on a certain product just because they think it is over-priced or out of their budget. But, instead of letting you know that, they’ll start putting their objections forward. A good strategy would be asking a couple of investigative questions for drawing them out. For instance, “Are there any specific qualities that you’re looking for in a product? Have you been using a service like ours before?”
Coming Back to the Objection
After getting a complete understanding of the objection, try answering it. The objection of the prospect actually reflects his fear. So, your main goal is helping the prospect overcome this fear. By sharing particular details like stories of customers or mentioning certain solid statistics, you can strengthen your response.
Make them Satisfied
After addressing the main concerns, make sure to ask the prospect if they’re satisfied with your response. You may use statements like, “Does that help?” or “I hope I’ve addressed your concerns completely”. 

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