Sunday, September 9, 2012

New To eBay? Key Points for Listing Your Stuff!

Doing it the Legal Way

Before selling any kind of merchandise on eBay, it is really important that you confirm the legal status of your stuff. Is it legal or lawfully permissible to trade the stuff you’re selling? For those who are new to eBay policies, checking the site’s policies regarding the forbidden, disputed and illegal goods is worth saving a great deal of trouble ahead. Regardless of what you’re planning to sell, keep in mind that you need to start off on a legal note.

Pictures Tell the Story

When it comes to product display online, you have to be very wise with product photography. It’s advisable to have a well-lit setting for your photography so that the results are bright as well as sharp.

Category Matters!

When it comes to categorizing your items on eBay, you have to be very wise in terms of selecting the most appropriate category for helping potential customers locate your stuff. In fact, eBay gives you the option of listing your goods in a second category  for maximizing their visibility. However, you’ll have to pay extra charges for that.

Make It Easy For Customers

If your customers are finding it difficult to understand what your title is saying or what you’re actually selling, you’ll have a hard time making sales. Be specific and clear about the description of your goods and don’t hesitate repeating the category name in the title.  Make sure you specify details like the brand and product size. Before writing down your listing, walk in the shoes of your customers to determine what exact details need to be included to your listing.

Put Some Effort into Product Details

When listing products, it is wise to use product info along with stock picture from eBay’s catalogue, as long as the product you’re selling is related to the catalogue. This will not only help save time but it’ll also help make the process easier while making sure that you don’t miss any important detail.
Tip#: You can always make the most of eBay’s advanced Selling Tools for saving time developing as well as managing the listings.

It’s all about Pricing

Pricing matters a lot! By going through the existing eBay listings, you can get ideas to develop your pricing strategies. Visiting online stores that trade similar products is also a good idea.  The more reasonably-priced your products are, the more sales you have.

Lastly, don’t forget to build the seller's account before starting to list your items on eBay.

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