Thursday, October 25, 2012

3 Ever Green Rules to Boost Fleamarket Sales

Work On Your Theme
If you are thinking to start or have already started a flea market business, you most probably have a niche or a particular area that you specialize in. Although a lot of people think that they don’t have a niche, the fact of the matter is that they do have specific preferences; a particular style and a different approach that helps them in picking out a relatively reliable range of products or wholesale merchandise to sell. The main idea is refining the specialty so that you can make more cash from flea market sales. Therefore, working on your theme is very important for getting new ideas in order to expand your product line.
For instance, you prefer selling lipsticks, lotion, mineral make-up and other cosmetic stuff. You may consider specializing in cosmetics and start branding yourself to tell the world that your flea market booth has a theme or a niche. How about naming your flea market business as “XYZ Cosmetic Experts”? Remember, your items should be arranged in a way that is helpful and convenient for shoppers. If you are selling wholesale cosmetics, you should have samples for people willing to try the stuff before buying.
Having a themed booth gives shoppers an impression that you are a serious flea market vendor. So, start working on your theme right now by sketching signs, jotting down name ideas and having fun with your flea market business.
Be Wise When Pricing Stuff
Instead of pricing your products individually, you may consider categorizing the items on the basis of their worth while assigning standard prices to all categories. Make sure you have prominent display prices. Consider adding an incentive to purchase multiple items by assigning a discount. An effective tactic is giving discounts for multiple products while encouraging people to purchase more while having the feeling that the deal is worth the money.
Give It a Professional Look
Always make sure that your booth has a professional look. By having a clean and an organized booth, you can always make that impression. Shoppers coming to professional booths have a feeling that these vendors have quality and reliable items. A great way of looking more professional is displaying bulk goods in organized containers, having a dress code and a professional sign board.

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  1. Really these are some good ideas for Boost Fleamarket Sales . Having a discount in some multiple purchase is a very good tactic for bringing more costumers for you . But can I implement this for Liquidation Cosmetics products ..?