Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Using Facebook to Promote Your Wholesale Business

You Need Fans!
You definitely need the maximum number of people to like your fan page on Facebook. The number of your Facebook fans reflects your social status as well as helps in attracting more fans. The bigger your fan base is, the more chances you have to make bigger sales. So your first goal toward achieving success through Facebook should be building a strong fan base.
Facebook advertisements are worth it!

Have you ever heard of Facebook engagement ads? These are highly useful weapons in terms of promoting as well as increasing the exposure of your business. The idea is running advertisements that keep potential customers inside Facebook by driving them to the fan page of your business instead of sending them to external pages.

By setting up an engagement advertisement, you should be able drive the attention of potential customers while convincing them to buy from your wholesale store.
The Rule of Using Facebook Ads!
Never direct Facebook visitors to your fan page’s wall. As your wall is already crowded with a number of different conversations, you may confuse a new visitor who is directed to the middle of these conversations for the first time before getting an insight into your business. The good approach is directing the new visitors to custom tabs that will help promote a call-to-action while encouraging the targeted fans to like your business on Facebook.
Almost every new person visiting a fan page doesn’t care about typing in the Facebook page URL for checking out the fan page again. However, by making first time visitors like the page, businesses can make their way into the news feeds of potential clients.
The Insider Trick!

While directing fans to the custom welcome tab make sure everything is simple enough. Only focus on encouraging your clients to somehow click the "like" button. Once they’ve liked your page, you may consider having something like a 'reveal tab' that shows new information about your business. This will act as a reward for liking the fan page.
Fan Engagement
Fan engagement is a very important area of Facebook marketing. You should try to make sure that your fans are engaged and interested in your business. The key strategy is having them like, share or comment on your posts, which is achievable if you do the right things to keep your fans engaged and interested. 

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