Sunday, October 14, 2012

Attention Small Business Owners! Ten Rules To Abide By

 Be Specific About Your Target Market

Do you even know what your target market is? If you aren’t specific about your target market, your chances of success are low.  You should be prepared for narrowing your focus while broadening your appeal.

What about Being Different?

If something works for your competition, it won’t necessarily work for you. The big idea is being different from your competition and from anyone who is already in the field.

Have a Competitive Team

When it comes to filling vacancies, don’t just go for a random employee. The success of your business depends on the strength of your team. So, be wise when you’re choosing your employees.

Be as Fast as You Can

You may have heard of the famous saying, “Time and tide wait for none”. So, make sure you manage your time effectively. If you’re required to deliver something by Monday, try accomplishing it by Sunday or earlier.
Paying Gratitude

A lot of times, success is just a matter of being thankful to your clients and staff to get that sense of mutual appreciation. Whether it’s writing a Thank you note or paying gratitude in person, this strategy can really work in your favor.

Consistency Matters

When it comes to consistency, it is important that your business has a consistent feel. Your customers should achieve the same level of consistent service from every member of your business.

A Smile is worth All

The biggest factor affecting business sales is customer service. If you’ve a smile on your face while selling your stuff, your customers are most likely to buy from you.

Optimistic Attitude

Starting off anything with a positive note promises that the outcome will be positive.  Optimistic attitude is all about dreaming big and achieving these dreams.

What about Selling Soft?

Never make the terrible mistake of engaging in hard sales.

Comfort Zone Shouldn’t Matter Much

Never accept that this is how you have been doing it. Never think that a new technology or idea wouldn’t work for you.

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