Sunday, October 28, 2012

How to select your Business Name

When a business is being planned, the selection of a business name is an important initial step. The name should represent the product or brand, must have a proper registration, and be protected. For online business it should have an available website and domain name.   

Tips for help in selection of a business name are:

Important points for business name selection

The business name ideally should symbolize the product, brand, and the business ideology of the owner. The name should also be appealing, exclusive, and for the option of online business and advertisement, it must have an available website and domain name.

Trademark search

Prior to the selection of a business name, an online search should be made with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to see whether the name is previously trademarked or not. There are high penalties for trademark violations.

Will the business be Incorporated?

If there are plans for incorporating the business, filing office of the state should be contacted to see whether the name is already being used or not. A same name can be used if the products and/or services are different, or if the business is being operated in a different locality or region.

Is the name suitable for the Web?

For obtaining a website address the business should be exclusive and unclaimed, should include keywords denoting the type of business or the products or services.

Availability of an unclaimed domain name should also be checked by online search before claiming it.

Presence on the Social Media

The business name should also have its page on various social media websites like, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. The name must be distinct and not claimed by someone else.

Business Name Registration

The process of business name registration is quite different from incorporation and protection for the trademark. The business must be registered with the state government as “Doing Business As (DBA)” or a trade name. It is a process of informing the state government that the business name is different from owner’s name/partnership/corporation.

Business name registration is not required when the business name is the same as owner’s name.

Trademark protection

The name of a business is precious and needs proper protection. A trademark provides protection for the business name as well as signs, logos, slogans, or symbols representing the business or its products and services. Application for a trademark can be filed with the requisite information and a nominal fee.

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