Friday, October 5, 2012

How to find a Reliable Wholesale Supplier

Product Selection

In order to find a reliable wholesale supplier, it is necessary to select the appropriate product to begin your business.

Important points for selection of your product are:
·         What are the tastes and interests of the customers?
·         What features are attractive for the customers?
·         Do the customers require special financing?
·         Are they individuals or companies?
·         What is the buying preference of the customers, store or online?
Detailed information about the market before investing greatly helps in the success of your potential business.

The Type of Supplier You Need

After product selection, you have to decide about the type of supplier you need to start your business.

Different types of suppliers are:
·         Manufacturers: Manufacturers are suitable for direct buying, but they usually ask for orders in bulk or high minimum orders. If you do not require bulk supplies buying from middlemen is a good option.
·         Distributors: They basically are middlemen who buy products in bulk and resell to local stores in smaller quantities.
·         Foreign Companies; Importers; or Import Agents: You may consider buying products from foreign companies. Import houses or Import Agents can help you in this regard; but if you can handle the import matters yourself foreign manufacturers can be contacted directly.
·         Drop Shippers: Drop Shippers work just like Distributors, buying in bulk and reselling in smaller quantities; with the sole difference that they provide the product at the doorstep of the customer.
As your business expands and you need products in large numbers, you can climb up the supply chain ladder and bargain for better prices and good payment terms and conditions.

Search for the Right Supplier

Once you have chosen the product(s) for buying and selected the type of supplier you need, the next important step is the search for the right supplier for your business.
Search for a supplier can be done online. Before making a decision, assess and evaluate the potential suppliers by looking at references, opinions of other businessmen, online reviews, business forums and organizations, etc.

Negotiate Better Business Terms
After selecting your supplier, study in detail all the terms and conditions of the business before finalizing the deal. Make sure that all your concerns and questions are well looked after otherwise go to another supplier.
The terms of business must cover details like shipment terms, payment terms, who is going to pay the shipping costs, the time for shipping the product, what if you need products urgently, etc. All emergency and contingency situations must be thought out and should have answers in the business agreement.

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