Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Keeping Employees at Your Wholesale Business Motivated

Do not hesitate to praise whole-heartedly
To praise is one thing which does not cost a penny, can easily be done, is liked by everyone, provides encouragement, and boosts the self-esteem and morale of the person being praised. Each and every good work which proves beneficial for the business should be praised generously; and it does wonders for the employee if done in front of others.

Accept and implement good ideas

When an employee suggests or gives an idea for improving the business, give it a consideration and if applicable accept it and complement the person for his thought.

Do not assume commanding behavior

Always try to work in a friendly atmosphere, do not try to command or just tell them to do a certain task. A better option is to make them feel at ease when asked to do some work by words like “Do you think it would be better if we did the work by this method?”

Do not show disapproval or anger

If an employee commits a mistake, try not to show your anger, or disapprove the way of doing things. Instead have a chat with him and mutually find ways to solve the problems. Create such a working atmosphere where the employees learn from their errors and fix them by self correction. This approach will motivate the employees to work more efficiently and their confidence will increase.

Set examples of top performers

Commend the top performers among the employees and make them examples for others because of their brilliance at work. They will serve as the source of motivation for others to follow and they themselves will try to maintain their reputation by keeping up the good work.
Recognize good efforts and give small incentives

When an employee works efficiently and with dedication, he/she deserves recognition of the work and small or token incentives, like applause in the company meeting, a letter of commendation, a small gift, or a dinner for the employee and his family, etc. Promote healthy competition by running contests or set achievable targets.

Keep the employees informed about the ups and downs of business

When the business is flourishing, celebrate the success with your employees, motivate them by paying bonuses or pay raises; and when the business is down, share it with them and request them to work harder so that the hard times can be overcome with a combined effort.

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