Friday, October 12, 2012

Time Management Tips For Small Businesses

1. Ignore The Distractions

Most people get distracted by things that can be easily ignored. One of the biggest distractions that most people experience is checking emails every 5 to 10 minutes. This doesn't only distract you from what you are doing, but also waste the precious time you have. Therefore, it is very important to schedule a specific time to check your emails. You can even set up auto responders,letting people know how long it will take you to respond. 

2. Avoid Multi-Tasking

Focusing on what you are doing and avoiding multi-tasking will increase your work output, productivity as well as performance. It is very important to force yourself to take one task at a time and maintain your focus on that task until you successfully complete it. 

3. Set Goals

There is no doubt that setting goals help you stay focused and accomplish them faster. Many people set goals but never actually follow those goals every day, which results in failure to achieve their goals. To make the most of your time, make sure to set goals, follow your goals religiously, and reward yourself after achieving those goals. 

4. Organize Your Time

According to research, 43% of population in the United States of America think that they are unorganized, and stay late at their office, due to lack of organization. Undoubtedly, organizing your time will help you become more productive at whatever you do. Making a to-do-list will help you keep things organized and achieve your goals more effectively.

 5. Write It Down

Writing down your plans for the day will help you work more efficiently. When writing down your daily plans, it is very important to include the details of every goal you want to achieve. Writing down the goals and their details will give you a direction to achieve your goals more efficiently. You will of course come across various interruptions, but the best bet would be to accept these distractions as a part of your life, and try to work despite of the interruptions that are coming in your way.   

6. Learn To Outsource and/ or Delegate

For a successful business and proper time management, you should learn to delegate some of your work to others or outsource it. If you aren't particularly good at something, or you don’t have enough to work at it, find someone either from you team or outside to do it for you.  

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